Passionate About Design

Stephen Huish is passionate about design at all phases of the process, client discussions, establishing the style, interior concepts, detailing interior drawings and seeing the project through to completion.

“Anything is possible if you apply enthusiasm with talent.”

Stephen Huish says, “I see our job as giving the client more than expected in all aspects of the design process. There is a complete understanding with Stephen Huish Design that we turn it around into something special whatever the budget.”

Creative Project Management

With a ‘can-do-attitude’, Stephen Huish Design prides itself as creative problem solvers. Says Huish “There are no such things as problems, just solutions”. Additionally, we also have a great understanding of materials and interior construction. This knowledge stems from Stephen’s days working with David Linley, “It was a superb experience in my early career working with David Linley. Our design drawings went straight onto the bench. No one was there to re-draw our drawings like that in the yacht industry. We therefore, very quickly became aware of construction, processes and materials. This knowledge has been invaluable.”

Design Process

  • 01 Client discussion - establish requirements Discuss style - personal preferences & needs - review plans
  • 02 Client mood boards & feel images Using images to convey the interior style direction - colour - materials - lighting - general mood
  • 03 Interior concept presentation - full CGI Full photo real interior visuals presented with hard & soft materials
  • 04 Interior cad drawings - plans - elevations - sections - details These drawings are known as the design intent drawings package. Each cabin has a set of drawings which show all the elevations, ceiling plans, floor plans etc. All finishes and lighting are notated on the drawings for hand over to the interior contractor. The interior contractor then produces workshop drawings for approval.
  • 05 Project management and site inspections Regular site visits to check the progress and quality of the interior build - report to owners on progress